November 9, 2022

Wildflower Outdoor Boudoir | Into the Wild with Angela

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Outdoor boudoir inspiration in Juneau Alaska

Wildflower outdoor boudoir banner

I feel like I’ve had a shift in my mindset and now I’m just saying why the hell not?!


Outdoor boudoir is a beautiful and fun way to express yourself and reclaim your sexuality in a way that is authentic to you. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with nature at the same time. A common question women have is that they don’t know where they would even go for an outdoor boudoir session. If you’ve ever been intrigued by the thought of doing an outdoor boudoir session but have no idea where to even start, don’t sweat it! I have a list of amazing and private locations in Juneau and I’m always out location scouting for new ones that are both private and accessible. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve for finding new locations in new locations too!

I had wanted to do a wildflower boudoir session for quite some time, and I was so excited when Angela told me she was up for it! When she told me that she had recently dyed her hair hot pink, I knew we just HAD to get in the fireweeds. Fireweed sessions are tricky, because there is a short window of time that they are in bloom (if you want to read more about when the fireweeds are in bloom, you can READ THIS BLOG POST). We also needed to find a spot on public land with fireweed that was fairly easy to get to and away from the public eye, and after a few days of location scouting, I found the perfect spot!

As with most boudoir sessions, we started with Hair and Makeup by Bri Artistry at Charisma Salon. Bri knocked it out of the park with matching pink eyeshadow to go with Angela’s hair. It was a bit of a drive to get to the location, but it was definitely worth it. The grass was wet with dew as we waded through it. What you may not see in the photos below is Angela wearing her xtratuff boots with her lingerie, dancing to the music coming from the phone stuffed into my bakc pocket, and fighting off mosquitos with lots of bug spray.

Angela’s Words

Why are you interested in an outdoor boudoir session?

Because who DOESN’T want to run/play/dance/pose and be a total sexy badass outside?! Plus I wanna be a cool sexy mom ??

What’s the craziest adventure you’ve ever had

Stripped down to my undies and jumped off the small dock downtown with my friends in front of everyone sitting outside The Hanger ?

Why are you wanting to have your pictures taken at this time in your life?

Because why TF not?! I feel like I’ve had a shift in my mindset and now I’m just saying why the hell not?! Why am I trying to hold myself back? Why am I so worried about what they think? Why am I not doing or saying the things I want to do/say?

Who are these images for?

Just me

outdoor boudoir in the wildflowers
woman with pink hair outdoor boudoir
pink hair and pink flowers outdoor boudoir
woman with pink hair posing in wildflowers
woman looking through pink flowers
outdoor boudoir session in wildflowers
outdoor boudoir session inspiration in flowers
woman in black lingerie posing in the wildflowers
outdoor boudoir inspiration with alaska fireweeds
woman in the alaska wildflowers
woman in the alaska fireweeds
woman in lingerie laughing during outdoor boudoir session
woman in wildflowers during outdoor boudoir session
outdoor boudoir wildflower inspiration
outdoor boudoir inspiration in the wildflowers
flowers tucked into jeans outdoor boudoir
flowers tucked into jean pocket
topless outdoor boudoir with flowers tucked into jeans
topless boudoir photo with flowers tucked into pants
pink hair outdoor boudoir
fierce woman misty mountain outdoor boudoir
pink hair outdoor fall boudoir session


Hair and Makeup: Bri Artistry

Lingerie: Freya Romance Boutique

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