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What to pack for an Alaska Elopement + Printable Packing List

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So, you’re planning to say “I do” in Alaska? Awesome choice! But before you embark on this epic adventure, let’s make sure you’ve got everything you need to be fully prepared for your big day. Here’s a list of what to pack for an Alaska elopement. Keep in mind that Alaska is a very big place, with so many different regions, so what you will need to bring varies greatly on the time of year, the location, and how adventurous your elopement will be. Use this list as a a guide, rather than a comprehensive list, and use your best judgment.

Wedding attire, accessories and jewelry

My best advice is to think classy meets practical. Choose wedding outfits that feel good on you, that can also handle Alaska’s mood swings and terrain. If your elopement includes any amount of adventuring, I suggest clothing that you can move in well, rather than a tight fitting silhouette like a mermaid dress. Don’t forget your jewelry, veil, and accessories.

Clothes hangers and garment bags:

Keep your wedding attire wrinkle-free with waterproof garment bags is a must for any elopement, especially for an Alaska elopement where rain on your wedding day is not unheard of. And don’t forget cute hangers for photos of your dress! Trust me, a cheap plastic hanger will ruin even the most beautiful dress shot. Opt for hangers like these instead.

Footwear appropriate for your location

From snowy trails to rocky beaches, you’ll need shoes that can handle whatever Alaska throws your way. Cute sandals may be a good option for a summer beach elopement, while you’ll want winter boots and ice cleats for a glacier elopement. Pro tip: bring a shoe bag to put your shoes in as well as bringing an extra pair of shoes in case yours get wet or dirty. You can find a shoe bag here.

Warm socks and extra socks

If you’re not used to Alaska weather, make sure you invest in some good socks. Hiking socks are great, even if you don’t plan on hiking, because they keep you warm while wicking moisture away. I also suggest bringing an extra pair just in case yours get wet.

Rings and ring box/dish

Keep those precious rings safe and sound in a sturdy ring box. No ring left behind! Opt for one that matches your decor or surroundings to really elevate your photos.

Vows and Vow Books

While reading vows off of a cell phone screen has become more and more common, handwritten vows in a beautiful vow book can really make the moment you say your vows that much more special. Not to mention, writing your vows down the morning of your elopement can make for some beautiful getting-ready photos that your partner will swoon over later.

Details, decor, and momentos:

Add a personal touch to your elopement with some meaningful decorations and mementos. You can bring something from a family member if they can’t make it or you’re eloping by yourselves. You can bring something to remind you of a loved one who passed away. Or, you can bring something to announce your surprise elopement once you get home.


Aside from your rings and your wedding attire, flowers are the most important thing you can bring to tie everything together. Consider a bouquet and boutonniere crafted from locally grown Alaskan florals. Pro tip: ask your florist to throw in a couple of extra blooms to be used for detail photos.

Outer Layers

Alaska weather is nothing if not unpredictable. If you’re from warmer climates, you’ll want to pack some warm outerwear to keep you warm if the temperatures start to drop. This is especially important if you are eloping near the water, or on a glacier (which is typically about 10 degrees colder than on land). Some items to consider bringing: a stylish coat, fur or faux fur shawl, a cape, hat, gloves, and earmuffs. Clear umbrellas also make for lovely photos in the rain.

Nude colored fleece lined leggings

Alaska can get cold, so I highly suggest getting some nude-colored fleece leggings that can be worn discreetly under your wedding dress for added warmth. These practical yet comfortable garments will keep you cozy without compromising your bridal style, and nobody will know you have them on.

Hand warmers

Hand warmers ca be total lifesavers. You can put them in your pocket, your mittens, your boots, and you can hand some out to any guests that will be in attendance.

A blanket

Bring a versatile blanket that you two can snuggle up in to keep warm when it starts to get chilly. A good versatile blanket can also be laid out on the grass for a picnic.

A waterproof bag or backpack

Keep everything on this list organized and dry with a waterproof bag or backpack. You can get a large weekender bag, but I suggest a good backpack to avoid any back or shoulder pain.

Bluetooth speaker and charger

Couples play music at their weddings while walking down the aisle and while celebrating, so why not play your favorite songs during your elopement? Consider making an elopement playlist (download it to your phone if we’ll be out of service range) and bringing a Bluetooth speaker to set the mood during your wedding day.

Makeup, toiletries, and medications

Don’t forget to pack your essential toiletries, makeup, and any necessary medications to ensure you look and feel your best throughout the day. I suggest bringing a small bag of makeup for touchups, and include a small deodarent, hair spray, bobby pins, stain remover, and a compact mirror. If you’re prone to allergies or headaches, bring something for allergy and pain relief. Having these items on hand will help you feel confident and prepared for whatever the day brings.

Hydration and Snacks

It’s so easy to forget to stay hydrated and fed when you’re in the middle of one of the most exciting days of your lives! You can even pack a picnic to enjoy and celebrate after saying your vows. Pro tip: Keep your snacks packed up in ziplock bags to keep the bears at bay. You can also use the bags to dispose of waste properly in accordance with the leave no trace principles.

chocolate covered strawberry charcuterie

Sunscreen and sunglasses

Sunscreen is important to wear everyday, we all know that. But did you know that snow, ice, and water are basically giant reflectors that amplify the sun’s rays? Especially if you are planning a glacier elopement, if it’s a sunny day the sun will be BRIGHT reflecting off of the ice.

Champagne and champagne glasses

The easiest way to celebrate your new life together is with champagne and champagne glasses. You can even shake it up and have some fun with it. Pro tip: if you’re having a glacier wedding, use those glasses to collect water from a glacier stream.

Bug Spray

Alaskans like to joke that our state bird is the mosquito (fun fact: it’s actually the Willow Ptarmigan). Jokes aside, the mosquitos here are big and they especially love to come out on warm summer evenings. Remembering to bring bug spray can be the difference between a stress-free wedding day and a very itchy one.

Essential Documents and Permits

Don’t leave home without your essential documents, including your passport, ID, and wallet. Additionally, be sure to secure and print any necessary permits for your chosen ceremony location to avoid any last-minute complications or interruptions. I also suggest printing and bringing a copy of your timeline, your vendor contact information, and a map or driving directions that can be used offline.

Marriage License

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget your marriage license! You’ll both need to sign it after your ceremony, and so will your officiant and a witness. Pro tip: If you’re eloping just the two of you, your photographer (me!) can also be your witness.

So there you have it, your ultimate guide to packing for your Alaska elopement. Whatever you bring, be sure to prioritize comfort, practicality, and personalization. With these essentials in tow, you’ll be ready to embrace the wild beauty of the Last Frontier and create memories of your adventurous wedding day that will last a lifetime. Cheers to love, and let the adventure begin!

Printable Packing List

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