June 22, 2022

Lily and Spencer’s Mendenhall Glacier Wedding

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Spencer and Lily’s Intimate Ceremony

Spencer and Lily came from Anchorage to get married in Juneau Alaska. They had an intimate ceremony with 20 of their closest friends and family at the Shephard of the Valley Lutheran Church. The church was beautifully decorated with butterflies, flowers, and vintage inspired decor. Their rings were held in a hand made butterfly ring box and florals were provided by Frenchie’s Floral in Juneau Alaska. Behind the alter, windows revealed the snow-capped Alaskan mountains. Tears of joy flowed from the bride and from her father as he let go of his daughter. It was an incredibly beautiful and intimate ceremony.

vintage inspired wedding dress
vintage inspired bouquet from frenchie's floral
butterfly ring box
vintage inspired bouquet and pussywillow engagement ring
butterfly church banner
butterfly church decorations
bride and father mendenhall glaacier wedding
crying bride mendenhall glacier wedding
alaska wedding ceremony
alaska wedding ceremony
smiling groom
crying bride smiling groom
smiling bride and groom
alaska wedding first kiss
laughing bride and groom
bride and groom walking down isle

The Mendenhall Glacier

After the ceremony, the bride and groom stole away in a vintage getaway car. We drove to the Mendenhall Glacier and the bride and showed me one of their favorite spots, a trail near the glacier with a view of their favorite mountain peak. Then we walked the short walk to the Mendenhall Glacier scenic lookout point where we got some beautifully intimate photos of Spencer and Lily enjoying their newlywed bliss.

bride and groom walking trail at mendenhall glacier
bride and groom kissing on mendenhall glacier trail
bride hugging groom under mountain at mendenhall glacier
bride and groom embracing at mendenhall glacier
blue wedding shoes alaska wedding
bride and groom walking to mendenhall glacier
groom kissing brides neck in front of mendenhall glacier
groom kissing bride smiling in front of mendenhall glacier
bride and groom smiling in front of mendenhall glacier
bride and groom eyes closed in front of mendenhall glacier
bride and groom about to kiss in front of mendenhall glacier
bride and groom almost kissing in front of mendenhall glacier
bride and groom in front of frozen lake at mendenhall glacier
blue wedding shoes and bouquet in front of mendenhall glacier

And then the car broke down…

On our way back to the reception their borrowed vintage car broke down. It wouldn’t be a wedding day without a few hiccups! Lucky, we were stranded near an iconic scenic view so we took a couple photos while stranded on the side of the road. After being rescued, we made our way back to the church where I said my goodbyes and Spencer and Lily enjoyed their intimate reception with their friends and family. It was a beautiful Alaskan spring day.

vintage wedding car in front of mendenhall glacier
vintage car elopement in juneau alaska

Final Thoughts

Spencer and Lily’s wedding reminded me of the 1940s, somewhere between Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz. From the delicately embroidered wedding dress, to the blue wedding shoes, to their actual vintage getaway car, I felt like I was in a classic movie. Spencer and Lily have created a beautiful life for themselves in Anchorage Alaska and it was such a pleasure to be a witness to your beautiful wedding day in Juneau Alaska.

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