April 5, 2023

Hug Point Oregon Elopement

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Coastal Elopement Inspiration at Hug Point, Oregon

The Oregon Coast has a little bit of everything, giving you so many options for an intimate and unique elopement. If you’re the adventurous type, or maybe just the “adventure-ish” type, then a Hug Point Oregon elopement would be a dream come true. The beach is filled with fierce waves one moment then calm and tranquil ones the next, secret sea caves spoil you with more up-close and personal vibes, and the moody forests set a mystical tone.

The Oregon Coast is made up of gorgeous desert dunes, majestic waterfalls, and all sorts of wildlife. Needless to say, there is a crazy amount of diversity here, so you can be sure to find a number of locations with striking views to make your heart melt. And let me not forget to mention all of the amazing places to celebrate with drinks and some nibbles after your Oregon elopement. Trust me, you definitely won’t have a hard time finding a place to celebrate.

Hug Point, Oregon

Known for its sea caves carved into the sandstone, cute tide pools with starfish, and its incredible seasonal waterfall along the rugged coastline, Hug Point State Recreation Site is an absolute gem. I highly recommend this spot for your Oregon Coast elopement if you’re looking for a small and intimate location. 

Interestingly, this site used to be a stagecoach road that ran along the beach, but after time, a coast highway was put in. I love the name of this spot too as it has some history. The stagecoaches literally had to “hug” the rocky coastline in order to avoid the incoming tide. Today, you can hug your favorite human as you elope in the midst of absolute natural bliss. Aww! cute, right?

One thing to watch out for at this location? The tide! If you’re walking the half mile to Hug Point State Recreation Site, be sure to check the tide schedule. Your carefree Oregon Coast elopement may not be so carefree when the tide is high! 

Thinking of eloping on the Oregon coast?

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You can check out my full Oregon Coast Elopement Guide here that will give you all the deets on what to consider when eloping in this gorgeous area.

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Hey there, I’m Sierra! I’m your photographer, travel guide, and biggest hypewoman. When you work with me, you can expect to dance, run, piggyback, motorboat, swear, laugh, and get messy. So what I’m saying is: wear comfortable shoes, throw the rulebook away, and don’t take life too seriously (none of us get out alive).

Photos taken at the Let’s Go Workshop.

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  1. Maggie Bobula says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pics!! I’m so excited to come out and spend the day with you! I have no doubt that you will make Bill and my elopement incredible!

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