June 11, 2024

Alaska Beach Proposal

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Jonah and Chrystal

Jonah and Chrystal came to Juneau on vacation from their home in Southern California. Chrystal had been to Alaska on a cruise before, and fell in love, so she wanted to come back but have the opportunity to stay longer and explore more of the state. This was Jonah’s first time to Alaska and they were both very excited about sharing this adventure together. They begun their adventure by flying into Juneau for a couple of days. Then, they flew to Anchorage, and made their way up to Denali National Park. Jonah and Chrystal met in 2020, right at the start of the covid-19 pandemic. Despite the pandemic and all of the chaos, fear, and uncertainty of the time, they started dating slowly, and have now been together for over 3 years.

Planning the Proposal

Since Jonah had never been to Juneau before, he had no idea where to start when orchestrating his proposal. We talked about many different locations, with the top of Mount Roberts (via the Mount Roberts Tram) being his first choice. However, there was still snow on the mountain in late May when they arrived, so we had to pick a backup location. Jonah opted for Eagle Beach, which turned out to be perfect.

Finding Eagle Beach is an adventure of its own. Eagle Beach is 48 miles north of Juneau along the Glacier Highway with views of Eagle River, Lynn Canal, and the Chilkat Mountains. There are two different areas to Eagle Beach; the first area is a camping site with cabins available to rent, that is very well marked and easy to see. The second area, which is much more scenic and better for photos, is the picnic site that is located along the beach, but it is not very well marked and can be difficult to find, even for locals. But, the drive and the search is always worth it, as Eagle Beach is one of the most gorgeous and scenic locations in Juneau.

Popping the Question

Luckily, the instructions I gave to Jonah were detailed enough for them to find the location. They took a stroll on the vast beach at low tide, while I went undercover as a bird photographer, keeping my distance while also keeping my eye out for the big moment. Then, it happened! After the big moment, I gave them a few minutes to soak in the moment and when they were ready, I gave them the option to take engagement photos. The beach was quiet and peaceful and the mood was very chill and I could tell that they could not stop smiling at each other. We walked around the beach, found a reflective puddle and a beached tree, and they popped some champagne. Then, I said my goodbyes while they stayed and truly enjoyed this very special moment.

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