The ultimate photographer's guide on how to prepare for, and what to bring to, an outdoor boudoir session. This guide will go over all of the factors you need to consider when determining what you and your clients need to bring to every outdoor boudoir session, regardless of where you're shooting. It also includes a printable checklist for you to reference and one that you can send to your clients to help them better prepare themselves.
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About the Guide

This guide is meant for photographers to reference before heading out on their next (or first) outdoor boudoir session. It is not a customizable template to send to your clients. However, it does include a printable checklist that you can send directly to your client to help them pack.

How does it work?

What's included in this guide?
  • What safety measures you should take
  • How to protect the land while on site
  • How to prep your client
  • What to bring and why you should
  • What your client should bring and why they should
  • Printable packing lists for you and your client

What do you get?

Who can benefit from this guide?
  • New to mid-level boudoir photographers who want to get started with outdoor boudoir, but intimidated by the idea of it.
  • Photographers of any genre who want to try boudoir but do not have a studio space and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars renting a space.
  • Photographers of any level wanting to gain confidence with outdoor boudoir.
  • Photographers of any level who want to improve their client experience.

Who is this guide for?

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"This was a great guide! I will definitely use it when I do an outdoor shoot! There was stuff that I wouldn’t think of!"

- Taviann Y.


"I think as a photographer jumping in to outdoor boudoir this guide gives a perfect amount of information!"

- Kayce N.


I really liked this! The amount of information was perfect, not too much and not lacking. I learned a few things I didn't know before.
- Hannah E.


"Perfection! I thought this was a wonderful little guide to get people started in outdoor boudoir. "

- Amanda A.


"Professional, well organized and helpful."

- Amanda P.


"There was so much great information in this guide!"

- Cdney H.


When you are prepared and confident, your clients will feel prepared and confident too.

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No, this is a copy based educational PDF guide so you can take what you learn and plug it into whatever system you use for communicating with your clients. You can use this information in your email communications, your client guides, or simply use it in your own workflow to improve your own process and your client's experience.


Is this an editable template?

No, due to the digital nature of this project, all sales are final. Please read all the information above to be sure this guide is for you before purchasing.

Can I request a refund?

Although the language in the guide is catered towards boudoir photographers, it can apply to any type of outdoor portrait photographer or videographer. If you take your clients outdoors to secluded locations, photographing clients in natural environments, or asking clients to hike, swim, climb, or do any adventurous activities during a session, this guide will still be beneficial to you. 

Is this only for boudoir photographers?

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